Lael Neale’s poetic nostalgia gives comfort and groundedness in uncertain times

Discovering Lael Neale was one of those moments of internet magic just coming across an Instagram post with her music. Immediately drawn into her dreamy world I didn’t miss the chance of a rare online live experience. Afterwards she happily agreed to respond to a few questions about this beautiful album.

It’s all so quiet

Many artists we like have released gentle and slow songs at the beginning of the new year. So here is a matching playlist to the humble quietness outside these days. Soft beats, warm melodies and sweet lyrics by Palehound, Sophia Kennedy, Goth Babe, Stony Sugarskull, Hand Habits, Weyes Blood, King Gizzard and the Wizard LizardContinue reading “It’s all so quiet”

Berlin music news

In a sheer endless amount of months passed of postponed concerts, hope, waiting and postponing again, the Berlin music scene has not been dormant: luckily many artists released music and videos for us to enjoy and shorten the wait until safe live music is possible again and make our alone at home winter days more beautiful: to recreate a sense of the dearly missed live concerts, clubs and music community.

“the music that helped us through corona”

We have new additions in our corona playlist right on theme: PAINT – Strange World (Spritual Vegas is the album on repeat this week) and the very addictive BIG EATER bongo grooving psychedelic punk track “Dark Thoughts”. There is a lot of Berlin music community love in here too with Shybits, Discovery Zone, Melody Connor, Martha Rose, Gurr, WORLD BRAIN and more … didContinue reading ““the music that helped us through corona””

News from The Lemon Twigs

The retro rock brothers The Lemon Twigs are back with news about their forthcoming album number 4 and shared a new video for their new single “The One”. The album is called “‘Songs For The General Public’,” and will be released May, 1st on 4AD. It can be pre-ordered here. “Songs for the General Public”Continue reading “News from The Lemon Twigs”

a year of music love

It’s the funny time of the year again: Spotify helps you look back onto the year in music and the whole decade and praises your unique music taste. yes, weird independent neo psychedelic freak folk got more and more popular on our players. tune in to repeatmagazine’s best of Spotify: Our album of theContinue reading “a year of music love”