“the music that helped us through corona”

We have new additions in our corona playlist right on theme: PAINT – Strange World (Spritual Vegas is the album on repeat this week) and the very addictive BIG EATER bongo grooving psychedelic punk track “Dark Thoughts”.

There is a lot of Berlin music community love in here too with ShybitsDiscovery ZoneMelody ConnorMartha RoseGurrWORLD BRAIN and more … did you check it out? 

Escaping into the Dream World, Building Castles in the Clouds and fleeing Into The Cloud Forest, while in total Isolation and in Quarantine or at least on the phone Reaching Out or with No Reply, always online in the Network. Feeling like Ouchi Time and Sentimental Evenings with too much Sensitivity: Time to Slow Down, Buddy but to Dance II, On The Floor to New Beginnings.

Soon-to-be referred to as “the music that got us through Corona”- hopefully this music scene horrorstory will be over soon!

We are regularly updating this playlist with uplifting or quarantine-themed songs since March, so please follow this to not miss the latest tracks on repeat ❤


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