serene nostalgic single by Habibi

Habibi by Untermyer

Dreamy psych-rock band Habibi from Brooklyn have released a new swaying track to promote their upcoming album “Anywhere But Here” that will arrive in the record shops by February 14th 2020.


The experts in luring you into a daydream of Californian beaches with their hazy vocals and repetitive structures do it again on this serene song “Angel Eyes” about they mesmerising eyes of someone special.

Habibi are painting bleached out retro postcards and their nostalgic music always bring sunshine into a playlist: This new single sways on repeat like an imagined boat in the wild western canyon.


Habibi’s slow surf-rock is influenced by middle Eastern psychedelic music, their band name means „my love” in English. They sing sometimes in Farsi about themes like “Gypsy Love”, sweethearts, heartbreaks and girl crushes.

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