Berlin music news

martha rose at tennis bar berlin

After a pause, in a sheer endless amount of months passed of postponed concerts, hope, waiting and postponing again, the Berlin music scene has not been dormant at home: luckily many artists released new music for us to enjoy and shorten the wait until safe live music is possible again and make our alone at home winter days more beautiful: to recreate a sense of the dearly missed live concerts, clubs and music community.

Tennis bar recently published many beautiful live performances on their youtube channel and this new song by Berlin-based musician Martha Rose has particularly pierced me heart. The London-born and musician shines brightly with her sublime talent to enchant us with her ethereal voice, sweet melodies and heartwarming lyrics. You can find the album version that features an enchanting flute intro on her latest album “Undress & Dive After” . You can find many more performances on the channel and support the independent venue on Patreon if you can.

We are probably Discovery Zone fans since experiencing their first solo-show together with The Hole Boys at Neukölln Country Club back in 2017(?) – one of repeat magazine’s favourite live event series in Berlin. One of the most repeated songs during the first lockdown was Fall Apart from their debut album Remote Control. Don’t miss the super cute stage design of her 3 song performance at Eurosonic Festival 2021 Noorderslag.

Many of us are familiar with Berlin’s infamous underground label Roodwoof Records who released Berlin based bands like Balagan, Father Midnight and RYL, but did you know that in addition to a podcast and a magazine featuring interviews with other artists from the scene, they are producing and releasing their own music since 2018, too? California-born and Berlin-based label manager Laffy’s project LAFFY is located on the opposite spectrum of the usual psychedelic punk sound: they mix pop, trap, footwork, singer-songwriter, emo and anime; zickzagging at the intersections of dark and moody and sugary and colourful psychedelia. In their newest collaboration “DO IT” LAFFY and the producer Pea Soup mash up emo-rap, post-dubstep and sound collages with fragmented voices. Watch the psychedelic video for the story and stay tuned for more new releases on their fresh label DOORmedia.

Chuckamuck just announced an upcoming album: Language Barrier is actually a best-of album of their most famous 11 tracks, translated into new languages and re-recorded over the past 3 years. Being a German-language group it was impossible to share the complete Chuckamuck experience with their intrenational friends and tour-mates like The Black Lips and King Khan and the Shrines, so they came up with the creative idea to translate their songs with the help of their international native-speaker friends.

The remakes of songs from different periods of the band since they started in 2006  have been meticulously translated into 8 languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, English, Hebrew and Japanese). For each song unique video clips were created, including original hand-drawn animations by award-winning cartoonist Oska Wald.

Vingt Mille km sounds even more like a well deserved holiday in French. The album comes out on Staatsakt on Jan 29.

If you are into upbeat retro rock we can also recommend to check out The Flavians. The Berlin-based group creates musical nostalgia since 2017 and their new single “Ace Of Base” from their upcoming self-titled EP is a nod to the carefree, yet monotonous experience of idling away the best years of your life in rural Sweden.

If you rather like the darker and dreamier side of rock music you might have heard of Berlin-based musician Stony Sugarskull (or want to listen to now). During the lockdown she is working on a collaboration with Franz Bargmann and their album PRiNCeSS. Her debut album Lioness has been released on vinyl on Sugarskull Records, STP Records (UK) and Moon Bus Records (US) in summer 2020. Let’s pass the time until safe live concerts with an audience are possible again with this performance with a beautiful view.