repeat was established as a one-woman-music-agency in Berlin in November 2019 to create a community of music appreciators and to support fellow independent creatives from music and arts with culturally-savvy copywriting and translation services.

After five years of independent music journalism, repeat magazine has evolved into the music expert copywriting agency repeat redaktion, based in the international center of independent music culture in Berlin Neukoelln.

repeat redaktion was founded by Susanne Heßmann, Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, independent music journalist, editor, published author in visual arts studies and feminism[1], DJ, part of the Music Women Germany network and a classically trained pianist and musician. In 2019 she completed the professional business foundation program with a certification by the start-up center Garage Berlin for building the repeat brand.


articles of music journalism and cultural journalism have been published on Sound Of Life magazine, Byte.FM, motor.de, All Hollow magazine, Berlin Art Parasites, debizz magazine, Apple Music, WASP magazine, in the publishing house Märkischer Zeitungsverlag and many more.

Awarded with a scholarship by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, she undertook a journalistic research project on the optimistic new developments in the music scene of the city in 2017, based on the learnings in the cultural footprint project Berlin/New York.

The cultural and editorial expertise is based on three years of PR and communication work for art spaces and 5 years in international and German web agencies as a copywriter (storytelling, interview, social media, marketing), senior content editor and as a localization expert.

[1]Bisanz, Elize; Heidel, Marlene: „Bildgespenster – Künstlerische Archive aus der DDR und ihre Rolle heute“. transcript, Bielefeld, 2014.  URL


creative copywriting
editorial concept for music, arts and culture

artist bios & PR

cultural research

translation, transcreation & localization (English-German)

music editor & music journalist

music curation & DJ

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