Indian Summer: a mix for the eternal sunshine of autumn

Indian Summer - a playlist by repeat magazine


Indian Summer - a playlist by repeat magazine
Indian Summer – a playlist by repeat magazine

Summer wasn’t over in September and won’t be over in October, so here is the soundtrack to celebrate the eternal sunshine: a shiny golden playlist for Indian Summer days with a colourful blend of new sunny psychedelia, experimental pop and rock’n’roll.

Opening with the pearling arpeggios and majestic vocals of Anna Calvi’s “Swimming Pool” and with magical Australian summer music from The Babe Rainbow and new Californian psych music from PAINT, the new-born child of the Allah Lahs, the mix is highlighted by the compositions of the French magnifique baroque retro futurists Forever Pavot and new releases from Tess Park and the Brian Jonestown Massacre – it’s a lot of cat music actually! 

Of course there is no Indian Summer soundtrack without The Rolling Stones and The Doors.

Our new discovery The Goon Sax is featured with a cute love song off of their new album and we have the hot new single from the new Lemon Twigs album. The last part of the mix is a jazzy piece by Unknown Mortal Orchestra called “Hanoi 6”,  blending over to a great new tune from Beak’s new album “>>>”, named Allé Sauvage.

Click on the photo to play or use this link:

Indian Summer: a playlist for the eternal sunshine of autumn

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