On Repeat: Tame Impala – Let It Happen


Tame Impala have released an appetizer for their upcoming yet unnamed third album on their website for free download.

It’s an eclectic eight minutes song called “Let It Happen” that almost completely dispenses with guitars. Instead the song relies on layers of synths, keyboards and voice distortion, still accompanied by the popular Tame Impala drum beat’s ease.

The nearly 8 minutes give time and space for so many directions of Tame Impala’s music  Besides the opening “marching-band”-drums,  the typical and well-appreciated “melancholic and dreamy feel” of the vocal tunes,  “Let It Happen” adds an ease and spaciousness, a trippy feel that is not new in its concept, but new in its instrumentation.


Around the minute 3 and a half one may begin to wonder if the record is jumping, because of the stutters that increase, just to be overlapped thirty seconds later by an epic orchestral synth bridge. The warm strings-ensemble-like tune is being deconstructed itself, just to be absorbed by the recurring keyboard melody and a beautiful out-of-space distorted overlapping-voice choir.

When only after minute 6 Tame Impala introduce their first guitars to the song that don’t seem unusual in their new surroundings as they are matched by distortion to the synths.

After repeating “Let It Happen” several times it remains, even if it’s an unexpectedly instrumented song for this band, stuck in your head due to its poppy melody and  at 07:50 a feel of regret is coming voer for the tune is fading out so sudden, as it could continue infinitely in its beautiful hypnotic trance. Every time. Let it happen. Repeat.

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