The Raveonettes – Pe’Ahi

Surprise release – this is what you would call the sudden appearance of the new The Raveonettes album after they promoted their first single “Sisters” and offered it for free download on their website. The opener ‘Endless Sleeper’ carries us back into the past The opener ‘Endless Sleeper’ beams us backwards in time, to the antecendentsContinue reading “The Raveonettes – Pe’Ahi”

The Raveonettes – Observator

After their fifth studio album “Raven In The Grave” in 2011 was created as a true concept album  – namely a symphony of darkness –  the Raveonettes are returning with their recent release “Observator” to sounds resembling earlier episodes of their career. This is not an accident as the producer of this recent release, RichardContinue reading “The Raveonettes – Observator”