Summer vibes with Habibi

Habibi by Untermyer

Habibi by Untermyer

If you are in need for more summer vibes and new great music we recommend to check out New York – based quintet Habibi on their current tour. They released their EP Cardamom Garden in March on Burger Records – a long wait after their self-titled debut album in 2014.

Habibi play dreamy surf-rock and are influenced by middle Eastern psychedelic music which may explain their band name, arabic for “my love”, sweetheart or friend.  Also their lyrics are fueled by Eastern influences: Habibi sing in Farsi sometimes, about Gypsy Love, sweethearts, heartbreaks and girl crushes.

Cardamom Garden is a smoother production while their debut album had a certain garage lo-fi punk attitude to it, but never missing the catchy pop melody, the cool surf-guitar hook and the dreamy group vocals.

In Berlin Habibi will play the new venue Arcaoda – we bet the venue has got a well-functioning air-conditioning in their new concert basement, so that makes the perfect summer location for the perfect sunny music of Habibi.

May 27: Köln, Bumann & Sohn
May 30: Berlin, Arcaoda, support by Porridge Radio

Get your tickets here.

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