Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bon Voyage

Melody's Echo Chamber by Diane Sagnier
Melody's Echo Chamber by Diane Sagnier
Melody’s Echo Chamber by Diane Sagnier

Melody’s Echo Chamber aka Melody Prochet is finally back! She has released a new track of her upcoming second album “Bon Voyage” that will be out on June 15th on Fat Possum Records/ Domino. The song is called “Breathe In, Breathe Out” and is resonating directly with the writing and creating period in a peaceful forest in Sweden.

“Bon Voyage” is a collaborative record that was created with Reine Fiske from the Swedish experimental psych band Dungen and The Amazing’s Fredrik Swahn and features special guests Gustav Esjtes and Johan Holmegaard (both from Dungen) and Nicholas Allbrook (Pond).

Melody Prochet also plays drums for the first time. The album was written in the Swedish forest and we are looking forward to discover how the soothing and enchanting energies may have reflected onto their creations on Bon Voyage.  Melody describes the atmosphere of the sessions in the wilderness:

“Swedish nature helped me to breathe and soothed me in times of anxiety. I had a majestic forest with a lake three minutes’ walk from my home. Recording sessions were a break in our lives, an escape from our frustrations as young adults, parents, musicians and embittered life jugglers.

What transpired was a kind of modern fairytale full of duality: beautiful and disenchanted, happy and painful, internal and external, childish and mature, but also violent and measured. We had no structure and no limits and we stepped out of our comfort zones.”

Watch the video directed by Daniel Foothead below and travel to a magical world.

Bon Voyage tracklisting:

  1. Cross My Heart
  2. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  3. Desert Horse
  4. Var Har Du Vart
  5. Quand Les Larmes D’un Ange Font Danser La Neige
  6. Visions Of Someone Special, On A Wall Of Reflections
  7. Shirim

Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage

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