On repeat: Palm – Rock Island

Palm - Rock Island

Palm!🏝️ is our first, greatest and latest discovery and instant music crush in 2018!

Palm’s mathematically challenging rhythms let nearly every song not only become an enjoyable journey, but also a work of art. The brilliant guitar arpeggios are pearling down your ear channels into your brains, like in their song “Pearly” – the opener of the album “Rock Island”.

The new LP was released February 9th on Carpark Records and will probably be on repeat for a while! It’s rare to say some bands are still able to do something new to music: Palm from Philadelphia can do it!

It’s as experimental as unique and complexity was never catchier: Progressive rhythm changes and outstanding pearling guitars merge to an overall dreamyness, so drifty.

Check out: Composite, Dog Milk, Colour Code, Swimmer, (Didn’t What You Want) Happen: or listen to the whole album at once. On repeat. Palm’s sound is given the quality of an incredible memorability at first listen though.

We instantly loved the steel pan sounds! Where did we hear those for the last time, incorporated into a pop song? Has it been Ariel the mermaid – Under The Sea – no! The Knive – Pass This On!

Check them out live on their extended tour!

February/March in the US

May/June in Europe presented by Puschen

26.05.2018 Berlin, Urban Spree – TICKETS
27.05.2018 Jena, Glashaus – TICKETS
28.05.2018 Hamburg, Aalhaus – TICKETS
29.05.2018 Köln, Bumann & Sohn – TICKETS

This KEXP live proves we all have to see them live soon:

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