Repeat of the week: Exploded View – Exploded View

Exploded View - Exploded ViewAnnika Henderson-fronted Mexican-Berlin supergroup Exploded View put out their stunning debut album August 19 on Sacred Bones Records. The self-titled LP is characterzied by an addictive drive  – Exploded View aka Hugo Quezada (ROBOTA), Martin Thulin (singer and Crocodiles producer), Amon Melgarejo and Berlin-based UK-born singer Anika unleash a powerful fusion of dark, post-punk, dubby, lurking, dreamy and moody tracks.

Addictive tracks like the opening song “Lost Illusions” impress due to their repetitive structure of jazzy drums, driving their listeners into a hypnotizing haze, craving for more. The pointedly use of fuzzy guitars, shrieking organs and eery sounds paints a spooky cinematic landscape as in “Killjoy”.

Annika’s vocals once recall the beautiful lament of glamorous melancholic heroines like Nico in “One Too Many” or luring in reminiscing cold nonchalant monotonous vocals with stark reverb like Crystal Stilts or The Velvet Underground  in “Call On The Gods” or “Beige”.

Well-placed dissonant outbursts as in “Disco Glove” and “No More Parties in The Attic” underline the explosive potential of this collaborative project. The existentialist “Gimme Something” and shattering “Beige” are guiding the listener deeper into Exploded View’s dark cabinet of obscurities.

Let this record enter your brain appreciatively!

Exploded View – Orlando (Official Music Video) from Sacred Bones Records on Vimeo.

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