Exploded View share new single

Exploded View, the new Mexico-City-based project by Anika Henderson (Invada Records / Stones Throw), Martin Thulin ( Crocodiles’ producer), Hugo Quezada (ROBOTA) and Amon Melgarejo (Jessy Bulbo / Nos llamamos) just released a new single called “Orlando”. This is the second appetizer to their debut album, after the striking first release “No More Parties in the Attic”. Listen to the dreamy trippy tune below on their bandcamp or on soundcloud.

The self-titled debut album will be released August, 14/19 on Sacred Bones Records and can be preordered on their bandcamp now.

The track list reads:

1. Lost Illusions
2. One Too Many
3. Orlando
4. Call on the Gods
5. Disco Glove
6. Stand Your Ground
7. No More Parties in the Attic
8. Lark Descending
9. Gimme Something
10. Beige
11. Killjoy


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