Dark Rave with Nite Fields


nite fields voyeurNite Fields new single “Voyeur” takes you to the dancefloor with its contemporary techno beats intro, the new electronic layer and fundament under their usual cool monotonous post-punk vocals, dark synths and dreamy 80’s guitars.

After the first impression of accidentally playing two different music genres in the same time or just as a dance remix of a Nite Fields song, it’s clicking and the layers are merging and matching and after a few repeats this really kicks in. Think dark industrial space, stroboscopic lights, shadow dancers…Try!

After their great debut album Depersonalisation on felte records in 2015, the originally Australian band Nite Fields has seen many changes of band members since their foundation. Only founders and songwriters Danny Venzin and Chris Champion have remained. Fun fact: While on their first European tour in the winter of 2015, somewhere between Russia and Romania, a fan who was travelling with them, has become their bass player when their original bassist couldn’t finish the tour, pulling off the remainder of a five week tour after just a matter of days. For their first US tour, they’ll be playing with a new cast as well.

Danny and Chris have moved to different cities and live now in Moscow and New York respectively, separating the album writing process into their two respective worlds and then molding those ideas in a New York studio. “Voyeur” was the first track written to have been recorded after Depersonalisation and the band will be performing other new tracks on their upcoming US tour (check out the tour dates below)
“Voyeur” is available now on felte and can be ordered here.


tour dates:
03.10 Brooklyn @ Sunnyvale
03.11 Chicago, IL @ Levitation Festival $
03.12 Lafayette, IN @ The Spot *
03.13 Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub *
03.15 Houston, TX @ Continental Club
03.15 Austin, TX @ Barracuda (felte + Part Time Punks presents) @ 1am (Inside Stage) ^+
03.18 Austin, TX @ Brush Square Park (The Aussie BBQ) @ 4:05pm
03.20 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop >
03.21 Fresno, CA @ Dynamite Vinyl *
03.25 Los Angeles, CA @ Complex #
03.26 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra $
03.27 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo %

* w/ Autumns
$ w/ Lightning Bolt, Royal Trux, Blanck Mass
^ w/ SEXTILE, Ritual Howls, Gold Class, Public Memory, Lushes
+ w/ Autobahn, Sad Lovers & Giants, Tennis System, Wrays, Honduras, Vaadat Charigim
> w/ Lust For Youth (Official)
# w/ Cold Showers
$ w/ Sextile, Gold Class
% w/ Sad Lovers & Giants, Vaadat Charigim

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