interview about music on tour with Lower Dens – Listen to their recent songs on repeat

Lower Dens share their recent beloved songs in an exclusive set with you and gave us insight into their music listening habits on tour. We wanted to know what inspires them on tour musically and wondered which soundtrack their daily touring routine might be set to.

The talented band gathered around exceptional live performer and songwriter Jana Hunter in 2010 in Baltimore is touring Europe with their third album “Escape from Evil” right now.

Lower Dens at Bi Nuu Berlin was that kind of synaesthetically perfect interplay of sound, atmosphere, vibrations, vision and light.

repeat magazine: Would you please let us know how you yourselves consume music on the road? Is it something communal?
Lower Dens: “Sometimes music in the van is a just a way to shut out the world, a shield against the discomforts of touring life, a way to keep the tiny bear in each of us at bay when we’re tired, hungry and sick of each other. When everyone is off in their own headphone universe, glazed in the van after a week of motels and gas stations, music in the van helps remind us of what we want to be and why we do what we do, musically and as humans.”

repeat magazine: What is the positive impact for the group?
Lower Dens: “When we listen to something that gets us excited, we reconnect to the spirit which moves people to make music in the first place, the desire to pass along to others that special feeling of sound resonating with place and desire.”

repeat magazine: In what way the listening experience is an escape?
Lower Dens: “Listening alone, we are led back to others. If that sounds a little dramatic, well, sometimes a little drama is what you need when it feels like you’re living the same day on repeat for a month at a time. The right listening material, even when chosen randomly, cuts through all the sleep deprivation, bad hotel coffee and monotony of the road like a razor. Listening in the van we unwittingly rehearse our best musical and human selves for the coming night, even when we’re just hoping for a moment of respite when we press play.”

January 11, 2015 - Baltimore, MD - Musician Jana Hunter of the band Lower Dens photographed in her home (Frank Hamilton)
Musician Jana Hunter of the band Lower Dens photographed in her home (Frank Hamilton)

Drummer Nate made an exclusive upbeat mix of their recent tracks on repeat, starting with jazzy and chill out sounds from Japan and featuring the pioneers of electronic dance music, synth pop and disco-pop heroine Donna Summer. An energizing mix you can imagine the band too well empowering themselves with on the van.

The playlist is featuring the electronic dance music and Hi-NRG pioneer Patrick Cowley and includes also German disco music project Orlando Riva Sound and Gina X Performance. Enjoy!!

1. Haruomi Hosono: Bara To Yajyu (Rose and Beast) off of his 1979 album “Hosono House” (Bellwood Records, King Record)

2. Mariah: 花が咲いたら (Hana Ga Saitara)

3. Donna Summer: State of Innocence

4. Steve Miller: Macho City (second section)

5. Orlando Riva Sound: Moonboots (Tom Moulton Mix, 12″ version)

6. Patrick Crowley: Zygote

7. Gina X Performance: No GDM (UK 12″ version)

Lower Dens are the Baltimore-based band gathered around Jana Hunter in 2010. Their third album “Escape From Evil” marks a switch of their melancholic shoegaze drone sounds to an musically empowered sound and bolder vocals, partly upbeat, partly dark and gloomy, with a new danceable and powerful spirit. Produced by Jana Hunter and Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Blonde Redhead)

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